Center for Holistic Research & Practice (hoLab)

We believe we are on the verge of a new era, marked by groundbreaking progress to all areas of human knowledge. In the New Age that is nearly upon us, we will start to understand that the human biological organism involves a series of interacting multidimensional vehicles of expression of consciousness. We will understand that we express ourselves in all of those subtle and complex dimensions and that we are part of a much larger human family. We speak of a time when Earth humanity will finally find company in the cosmos. But naive would be to think we can sit and wait… rather, we see that outer transformations are a reflection of inter reforms. Trully, we need to be the change we want to see in the world!

It is then that a center for holistic research and practice was conceived. “Research” because spirituality based on opinion, dogma, blind faith or mysticism won’t take us much further. It is indispensable to connect heart and mind to uncover the multiple dimensions cosmos and ourselves. “Practice” because spirituality devoid of ethics is fruitless and good ethics is best demonstrated with actions. Our goal then is to connect multiple holistic disciplines, breaking the boundaries between East and West, Science and Spirituality, in search for contributing with personal inner development and and outer, collective transformation. 

So, if our ultimate goal is simply to change the world, we know it starts with ourselves. In the process of inner discovery and exploration, why shouldn’t we connect and contribute to each other? That’s the thinking behind our work. Here we can share discoveries, research materials, insights, etc. The key difference between our proposal and the bulk of what is out there is that we truly aim to study holistic disciplines from a rational, scientific perspective; distinguishing opinions from facts and challenging dogma, blind faith, mysticism and taboos. If this resonates with you, join up and let’s change the world!

…Oh, by the way, hoLab stands for Holistic Laboratory… we hope it is self explanatory!!